Novi Sad, Serbia

21-28 July


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Adult, youth and children choirs and individual singers, conductors and vocal leaders, composers and arrangers, managers.


Serbian Choral Association

After the first Singing Bridges Festival in Novi Sad in 2022, the Serbian Choral Association is organizing another edition in 2024, this time under the label of the European Choral Association.

In a town on the crossroads between East and West, North and South, a town that settled a few centuries ago on the river Danube – a large and long river and natural border between Central-Europe and the Balkans, a town with a long and rich heritage of collective singing, we build the Singing bridges – between music epochs and styles, genres and approaches, between generations, between professionals and music amateurs, a concert podium and the audience.

Everyone can find their place here: those who come prepared for high level of musicianship but also people without knowledge of music that can participate in collective choral experience. You will join other choirs and singers in ateliers with world-class conductors and work together towards the final concert. The ateliers all have specific themes and are for different age groups, with varying levels of difficulty and duration (3 to 6 days).

Other activities include Open Singing, Choir-to-choir concerts, Study tour for conductors, Programme for composers, Programme for young managers, as well as non-choral activities. The festival will offer limited accommodation in students’ campus and hostels, or you can book a hotel for your group.

Detailed programme to be announced in December 2023.

Start of registrations: 9/01/2024

Deadline for applications: 9/04/2024



After the first Singing Bridges Festival in Novi Sad in 2022, the Serbian Choral Association welcomes you to another edition in 2024, this time under the label of the European Choral Association.

Singing bridges is a non-competitive festival where everyone can find their place: those who come prepared for high level of musicianship but also people without knowledge of music that wish to participate in collective choral experience.

The festival offers wide range of ateliers for individual singers and choirs, special programmes for conductors, lots of music in concerts and spectacular Open singing events, and numerous additional activities such as reading sessions and presentations.

Our festival offers you the chance to:

  • attend differently themed ateliers for individual singers and choirs, varying in duration, difficulty level and age group
  • sing at the final concert of your atelier
  • join one-day discovery ateliers after your long atelier has ended
  • work together with leading choral conductors
  • sing and hear various vocal genres and discover new music
  • sing at beginner’s, average or advanced level
  • join the special conductors’ program
  • attend reading sessions, presentations, discussions...
  • take part in the daily Open Singing event with all participants and visitors!
  • perform with your choir in one choir-to-choir concert - share stage with choirs from other countries
  • listen to concerts of guest choirs, choir-to-choir concerts and final concerts of all ateliers
  • discover unique cultural heritage of Novi Sad and Serbia and sing at the river Danube banks
  • meet old and make new friends, colleagues and choirs, exchange thoughts, ideas and share music


The festival offers ateliers for singers lasting 3,4,5 or 6 days of rehearsals and ending with a public concert. It is possible to combine two 3-days ateliers or to stay on after your atelier (if it is 3,4 or 5-days long), attending some of the discovery ateliers, lectures/presentations and other programmes.

Or, you can just enjoy tourism after your atelier concert. Group and choir members can apply for and be divided into different atelier.

Singers (individually, with a family or a group of friends, or in a choir) can explore the versatile repertoire, different genres and vocal techniques in one of the many ateliers led by world-renowned conductors.

You must choose three DIFFERENT ateliers in the registration form. Our artistic commission will assign you one of them. We will do our best to meet your wish and assign you the atelier of your first choice, but in some cases that will not be possible, so we will assign you one of your other choices.

Applications with the same atelier selected as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice will be invalid, requiring re-application.
Only, if opting for the children's B1 or for A4 Atelier, you can select all three choices the same.

To attend two consecutive Ateliers (3+3 days), choose them as your first and second choices, and some other for the third. Specify in the Note section that you want to participate in two Ateliers.

To participate in a D atelier, please contact us on e-mail:

The levels of ateliers:

A - for everybody

B – for singers with choral experience

C – for good sight readers and singers who come prepared

D – for national and regional youth choirs, upon invitation and audition

Special atelier: Study tour for conductors

Study tour

Study Tour is a part of Conductors' Programme and only possible way to see Atelier rehearsals. Every day from 22 to 27 July the Study Tour, led by Jan Schumacher (DE) visits Ateliers all over Novi Sad to hear varied music and learn from different conductors.

Conductors’ programme offers a full curriculum for the whole length of the festival: morning warm-ups, the Study Tour, conducting technique sessions, presentations, reading sessions, lectures and round-table discussions.

Check here Ateliers page →

Flexible Participation

Staying 3 to 6 days with ateliers

By booking a “package deal” you can participate for 3, 4, 5 or 6 days (with your musical programme starting on 22.07. at 9.30 a.m. or on 25.07. at 9.30 a.m.)

The length of your stay chosen at registration must correspond to the number of days for your longest atelier of choice. In case your assigned atelier will be shorter, you can change your length of stay until 15.04.2024.

  • The festival begins on Sunday 21.07. with check-in and welcome event.
  • Full participation is 6 days, from 22.07. to 27.07., with arrival on Sunday 21.07. and departure on Sunday morning 28.07.
  • Shorter package deals of 3, 4 or 5 days can only be booked with activity starting on 22.07. or 25.07. and in case you need accommodation, arrival is on 21.07. or 24.07. The departure date can vary, your earliest possible departure is after your final performance or – if you book accommodation – the morning after.
  • You can stay longer than the duration of your atelier and participate during your ‘empty’ days in discovery ateliers and other programmes.
  • The festival will offer limited accommodation in students’ campus and hostels, or you can book a hotel for your group. Accommodation booked through the festival is offered as packages.
  • Festival food (lunch and dinner) is offered as packages.

Day-by-day-participation with One-day ticket

If you just want to get the taste of the festival, you can also come for one or few days, attending discovery ateliers (from 25-27, July), Open Singing, festival concerts and other programmes. One-day tickets can be purchased in advance (from June 2024) or directly in the morning of your participation. Participants buying one-day-tickets must arrange their own accommodation and meals.

Country group 1


6 days | 170€

5 days | 155€

4 days | 140€

3 days | 125€

ECA members

6 days | 150€

5 days | 135€

4 days | 120€

3 days | 105€

Country group 2


6 days | 140€

5 days | 125€

4 days | 110€

3 days | 95€

ECA members

6 days | 120€

5 days | 105€

4 days | 90€

3 days | 75€

Country group 3


6 days | 90€

5 days | 80€

4 days | 70€

3 days | 55€

ECA members

6 days | 80€

5 days | 70€

4 days | 60€

3 days | 45€

One-day ticket for a Discovery and all programs is:

25€ per day.


Festival accommodation is offered for participants with arrival on 21.07. (with a stay of 4, 5, 6 or 7 nights) or 24.07. (for the 3-day atelier in the second half of the Festival, with a stay of 4 nights).

The festival offers the following accommodation options:
student apartment, breakfast included; 2-bed room with (renovated) bathroom.
hostels, breakfast included; 6 to 8 bed rooms with bathroom for each room.

A certain number of single rooms will be available for extra costs. Accommodation must be ordered at registration.

Alternatively, you can organise your own accommodation. If you prefer to stay in a hotel or apartment, you will be able to make your personal selection from a list of trusted partners to be published on our website and book the accommodation yourself.

The cost depends on your country of residence. To find out which country group you belong to, check Country Groups menu or contact us!

Accommodation cost

For single room additional 10€ is charged.
All participants above 18 years old have to pay tourist tax 1.10 euros/person/night of stay. This price is subject to change according to decision of the Novi Sad City Council in 2024.

Country group 1

4 nights - bed & breakfast | 84€

5 nights - bed & breakfast | 105€

6 nights - bed & breakfast | 126€

7 nights - bed & breakfast | 147€

Country group 2

4 nights - bed & breakfast | 72€

5 nights - bed & breakfast | 90€

6 nights - bed & breakfast | 108€

7 nights - bed & breakfast | 126€

Country group 3

4 nights - bed & breakfast | 60€

5 nights - bed & breakfast | 75€

6 nights - bed & breakfast | 90€

7 nights - bed & breakfast | 105€


Breakfast will be provided at your accommodation. You can order festival lunch and dinner in packages of 3, 4, 5 or 6 days. Lunch and dinner will be served in catering tents and halls in different spots of the city. Meals must be ordered at registration and changes will not be possible after 31.05.2024. Alternatively, you can organise your own meals.

The cost depends on your country of residence. To find out which country group you belong to, check Country Groups menu or contact us!

Festival meals cost

Country group 1

3 days - lunch & dinner | 60€

4 days - lunch & dinner | 80€

5 days - lunch & dinner | 100€

6 days - lunch & dinner | 120€

Country group 2

3 days - lunch & dinner | 48€

4 days - lunch & dinner | 64€

5 days - lunch & dinner | 80€

6 days - lunch & dinner | 96€

Country group 3

3 days - lunch & dinner | 36€

4 days - lunch & dinner | 48€

5 days - lunch & dinner | 60€

6 days - lunch & dinner | 72€

Payment & cancellation terms & conditions

After registering online, you will receive an email with payment details.
Please note that payment is requested in two instalments, with second one after your atelier assignment.

REGISTRATION deadline is 15th March.

Your registration is valid only after the payment of the first instalment is completed (50% of the total amount). Deadline for registration and first instalment is March 15.

In case your first instalment is not completed by March 15, your registration will be deleted.

The balance of the remaining 50% must be paid by 31.05.2024. In case your second instalment is not compleeted by May 31st, your registration will be cancelled.

Details about the payment method(s) will be included in registration form and sent to you by confirmation email after you complete the registration.

If you register after March, 15th, we cannot guarantee the participation in the ateliers selected. Furthermore, we might not be able to provide you with an accommodation possibility for the duration of the festival.

If you cancel your registration or in case of late payment and cancelled registration, we cannot refund your previous payments irrespective of the reasons for cancellation.

We suggest you take out insurance to cover risks.