International Choral Festival Singing Bridges

19 – 23 July 2022, Novi Sad (Serbia)


Ateliers are organized in 3 levels:

  • A (singers without choral experience)
  • B (singers with choral experience)
  • C (singers who can read music and come prepared).

There are also:

  • Ateliers for vocal groups
  • Discovery ateliers

The Ateliers for singers submenu contains a filter where you can indicate your personal preferences and quickly find the long ateliers matching your criteria.

We guarantee you the participation in one of the 3 chosen ateliers.

The Discovery Ateliers submenu will show all those one day long ateliers, where you can explore special aspects of vocal and choral music with different styles and types of repertoire.


TambHURRAY – Golden Strings&Cords

“When tamburitsa brightly plays and our song loudly sounds!”

The atelier joins together traditional tamburitsa folk and urban song, as well as polyphonic singing – often a part of the repertoire of singing societies accompanied by tamburitsa bands. Through choral singing, love songs from Bačka, the Banat, Baranja, Srem and Slavonia will bring alive the authentic soundscapes of this region. If there happens to be a wine song, we will surely make a toast!

length 2 days, 20 / 21 July

final performance Thursday, 21st July

for mixed age open

Milan Radišić (RS)

Milan Radišić (RS)

is conductor of several choirs and vocal ensembles in Sombor (Sombor Singing Society, Orthodox church choir, male and female vocal groups…) with which he often performs and was awarded many times. He has many years of experience in leading vocal groups that perform folk and urban music with accompaniment of tamburitza bands.


To weekend atelier – new dates!

The Power of Your Voice

Modern take on Mediterranean folk songs, fun body percussion and experiments with creating soundscapes. The technical work will include breathing exercises, theory and practice of vocal registers and tips on how to keep your voice sounding healthy. No previous experience or musical knowledge is needed; just love for collective polyphonic singing and curiosity in experimenting with sounds.

length Fri – Sat, 22 – 23 July

final performance on Sat, 23 July

for female age open

Vasiliki Anastasiou Photo Greg Makamian

Vasiliki Anastasiou (CY)

is a singer and a songwriter from Cyprus. During her studies in London she was influenced by many different colours, cultures and sounds of the city and infused with nostalgia for her home country. Inspired by this she formed a band and named it “Amalgamation Project”. With this group she creates a mixture of acoustic and electric sounds, folk and western melodies, forgotten tales and todays worries. Sample of their work has travelled around the world through YouTube with millions of views.


Body Music: New Balkan Rhythm

Let’s explore the beautiful tradition of music from Balkans and it’s odd/irregular rhythms! Dive into a two day atelier with Marko Dinjaški and Ana Vrbaški, body music teachers and performers, and learn how to move your body to make music. Body percussion/body music is an innovative contemporary performing technique, but as old as human race.

length 2 days

final performance Thursday, 21st July

for mixed age open

Ana Vrbaski i Marko Dinjaski

Ana Vrbaški (RS)

is a music and theatre performer, coordinator and manager of a multi-media group “AliceInWonderband”. She attended numerous workshops in Serbia and abroad in the field of singing, theatre, acting, pantomime, stage movement, buto dance, circus skills. She is active in education and as instructor, in her workshops, applies body percussion as a performance technique. She writes music arrangements and records for RTV. In her work she combines cultural heritage of the Balkan countries with innovative music arrangements.

Marko Dinjaški (RS)

is a theatre and music performer, organizer and manager of a multi-media group “AliceInWonderband”. He plays (and teaches) several instruments: percussions, violin and folk instruments. With Ana Dinjaški he leads workshops „Body as Instrument“, that include performing technique of body music (body percussion and singing), as well as diverse theatre exercises. They worked with children, youth, adults, choirs and elders.


EPIC Choral Party

Let’s sing pop, disco, rock music while having fun. If you like high energy songs (but also some cool ballads) this atelier is the right place for you. Join the party and get into the groove.

length 3 days

final performance Friday, 22nd July

for youth age 14-26

Dunja Huzjan i Maja Drincic

Dunja Huzjan (RS)

is a singer, choir director, music teacher and ballet accompanist. She took part in numerous singing and conducting workshops at festivals such as Europa Cantat, joined EuroChoir three times, and has been a singer in various amateur and professional choirs both international and local (CHOREOS, Revoice…). She has directed several choirs and vocal groups covering different age groups, from children’s to adults’ choirs. In her work she is trying to combine playfulness with precision, while hoping to pass the joy of singing and beauty of choral music onto singers. She is the music director of female vocal ensemble Res miranda, the conductor of Slovenian Society Mixed choir “Kredarica”.

Maja Drinčić (RS)

Maja Drinčić, professor of music culture and conductor of the choir and orchestra at the Svetozar Marković High School in Novi Sad. She led several children’s choirs in Novi Sad elementary schools, founded an orchestra in the elementary school Djordje Natosevic, with which she won the highest places in national competitions. As a conductor, she led the city and children’s choir in Vrbas. Since 2007, she has been the conductor of KUD “Kobzar” in Novi Sad. With the choir and orchestra of the Gymnasium Svetozar Markovic, she performs within numerous city events, humanitarian concerts, and since the founding of the Serbian Choir Association, she has participated in the Youth Choir Festival.


Singing Ladies

An atelier for women of all generations. For those who dare to smile (and sometimes shed a tear) while creating music with an inspiring and energetic conductor. Traditional music, new scores, exciting arrangements.

length 3 days

final performance Friday, 22nd July

for female age 18+

Dragana Jovanović
Branislava Stefanovic

Dragana Jovanović (RS)

is a professor at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade and conductor of the renowned female/girls’ choir Collegium Musicum. Apart from the rich conductor’s career, she is the author of several intermedia projects and the „Anthology of Serbian music for children’s and women’s choirs by composers of the second half of the 19th and first half of the 20th century“, as well as essays, seminars and workshops in the field of conducting interpretation and choral singing. For the last year, she has been engaged as the conductor of the Orchestra of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, with which she has given several concerts in the country and a tour to Dubai.

Branislava Stefanović (RS)

Director [theatre, sound & video], a teaching professor [sound directing] at Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, Department of Theatre and Radio Directing. Founder of Radio Belgrade Student prize for the contribution of creative radio directing. An activist in subversive theatre, alternative theatre, with over twenty professional theatre productions. Author and/or director of 50 radio dramas, the TV movie ‘My Voice’ and the eponymous sound workshop realised in cooperation FDU and Day Hospital Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade.


to afternoon session

Carousel of Music Styles

How to learn, in only 3 days, to sing choral compositions from diverse music styles? You can do that if you join this atelier, aimed to those with choir experience and are good sight-readers, but also to those with less musical knowledge. On the road and on the stage with conductor who speaks both traditional and innovative music language.

New date: Thu 21 July

final performance Friday, 22nd July

for female age open

Sasho Tatarcheski

Sasho Tatarchevski (MK)

Is conductor and professor of conducting at the Faculty of Music Art in Skoplje, leads chamber orchestra and choir of the Faculty as well as Female (Girls’) Choir of the Youth Cultural Centre in Skoplje. With professional choir Pro Ars, that he founded, and symphony orchestra F.A.M.E’S he recorded numerous soundtracks for high-budget movies, serials and educational programmes. He performed in almost all European countries, received many awards and is a regular member of many juries.


To weekend atelier 

The Danube Pirates

Raise the Anchor! Let’s Sail Away!
“Beyond seven lands and seven seas”… is the beginning of this atelier’s fairy tale; a musical voyage full of surprises, adventures and desires to discover a new horizon. If you are a sailor in your soul, awaken the Odyssey in you, imagine that the scene is the deck of a ship where when it is clear night and full moon you see the stars and sing to them manly strong and tenderly about love, freedom, longing, destiny… Set your compass to challenge, let our song be a strong wind in the sails of a new adventure. Oops… woman on board! Don’t be superstitious – it’s luck!

New dates: Fri – Sat, 22 – 23 July

final performance on Sat, 23 July

for male age open

Zorica Kozlovacki

Zorica Kozlovački (RS)

is conductor and music teacher, leader of several choirs and vocal ensembles (Youth mixed choir, Female choir and ethno group „Josif Marinković“), founder and conductor of the Mixed choir and Male vocal group „Pannonica“ and an active singer in the Vocal Quartet “Vita Brevis”. With her choirs she has performed and won awards at prestigious national and international choir festivals and competitions. She is known as an inspiring, energetic and dedicated choir leader who shares passion for collective and choral singing.


Magic of Music from Israel

The repertoire of this atelier will be mostly Israeli music. Israeli singing is characteristic for beautiful melodies, sometimes melancholic and sometimes rhythmic with ethnic and folk dance influences. The influences on Israeli music are from the Bible, from traditional Jewish singing and from the unique way of life in Israel, love of nature, the joy of life, along with war bereavement and pain. Being a country of immigrants from all over the world, those different cultures brought with them a variety of influences on Israeli music; singing is versatile and is an integral part of our lives.

length 3 days

final performance Friday, 22nd July

for mixed age open

Naomi Faran

Naomi Faran (IL)

is conductor and founder of the Moran Choirs. She performed with the best Israeli orchestras, lead masterclasses throught the world and is a member of international juries. Her vision is expressed through successful results: Five generations of choirs are educated in choral music; combining musical excellence with community involvement; other projects aimed to promote peace.


Mokranjac and His Teachers

Why is Stevan Stojanović MOKRANJAC still among the most important and most performed composers in Serbia and the region? Who were his models, the sound of whose compositions was in his ears when he composed his famous Garlands and Liturgy? Let’s experience him together with his teachers, eg. Josef Rheinberger.

length 3 days

final performance Friday, 22nd July

for mixed age open

Igor Marinkovic

Igor Marinković (CH)

Is a singer, a concert performer, vocal coach and conductor. During his studies in conducting, he focused on the music of late romanticism, modernism and XX century. He conducts and leads an Orthodox church choir, a Mixed, Female and a Gospel choir. He collaborates regularly as a guest conductor in several professional ensembles in performances of contemporary music.


to afternoon session

Festa Italiana

This is an offer easy to accept: performing Italian choral music from renaissance to contemporary days. Join in and meet Italy and it’s wonderful works of art/music!

New date: Wed 20 July

for mixed age open

Enrico Miaroma

Enrico Miaroma (IT)

Active as a pianist and a choral director, he has given about 900 concerts throughout Europe, in Ukraine and Taiwan. He won several awards in national and international competitions: as pianist, as a composer and as a choral director. His choral works di lui are performed by some of the best Italian and European choirs and are published by ECSchirmer and Galaxy Music (USA).


to afternoon session

Mystery of Bulgarian Voices

Bulgarian folk songs have always aroused incredible interest with their melodies and rhythms. The choir studio for Bulgarian folklore will present original folk songs, arranged for choir by famous Bulgarian composers. The participants will get acquainted with certain specifics of the folklore regions in Bulgaria. Songs emblematic of Bulgarian folklore will also be studied.

New date TBA soon!

for female age open

Kostadin Buradziev

Kostadin Buradžiev (BG)

is the conductor of the State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances “Dobridja” Dobrich. With the ensemble he has given over 1000 concerts in Europe and Asia. He has made numerous recordings and released with the ensemble 6 CDs. Since 1998 he has been a lecturer in conducting (folk choir and folk orchestra) at the Academy in Plovdiv. Since 2001 he has been the conductor of the Academic Folk Choir, with which he has performed numerous concerts and recorded on CDs. For his creative activity he has won a number of national and international awards. He is also a researcher of the folklore of Bulgaria and has published several monographs.


To weekend atelier – new dates!

Under the Starlight – Evergreens

Evergreens in new choral arrangements (done by the conductor). Songs from different countries and styles of popular music, regional and international, will take us to some past times. Songs that we all recognize with a feeling of closeness.

length 2 days, 22/23 July

final performance 23 July

for mixed age open

Đorđe Perović

Djordje Perović (RS)

is a conductor, vocal coach and music arranger. He was the leader of numerous chamber choirs in Belgrade. For the last couple of years, he’s conduced the students’ choir of the Facutly of Pharmacy “Raskovnik” as well as the mixed choir “King Peter I”. At the beginning of his artistic work he performed sacred music and classical repertoire, then gradually transferred into evergreen, jazz and popular music. For many years he has been working on the arrangements of evergreen music for choral ensembles and jazz bands. In 2021 he published a large collection of 68 choral arrangements of popular evergreen music.


To 2-days atelier

Opera Stage

Come and sing some of the most famous opera choirs from different composers and from different countries. Be on stage, instead of being in the audience. Sing what you were just listening until now.

length 2 days, 20/21 July

final session, 21 July afternoon

for mixed age open

Dario Vucic

Dario Vučić (BiH)

is conductor at the Opera of the National Theatre in Sarajevo. He is the head of the Department for Conducting at the Music Academy of the University in Sarajevo. He conducted many orchestras, played organ in the Sarajevo Cathedral church and founded a chamber orchestra and a trio. He is also a composer and in that domain he published a collection of songs.


Cantemos! A musical trip from Spain to South America

This atelier offers a collage of Spanish music influenced by two opposite geographical cultures such as Arabic and Cuban. Get a taste of the exotic music and catchy rhythms from different Latin American dances! Let’s discover, enjoy (and maybe dance!) Samba, Maracatú, Milonga or Habaner! Ready for this exciting trip? Cantemos!

length 3 days, 20/21/22 July

final performance Friday, 22nd July

for mixed age open

Xavier Garcia Cardona

Xavier Garcia Cardona (ES/Catalonia)

is a conductor, pianist and composer. He is the main conductor of Cor Tessàlia and Quòdlibet Grup Coral. He is one of the founders and co-conductor of Revoice International Vocal Ensemble. He is always involved in organizing and promoting choral events; he has been a member of the artistic committee of the Catalan Youth Choirs Association and is currently an active member of AEDCORO, the Spanish Association of choral conductors.


Early Music with Historical Instruments

Take part in this performance of early music – from renaissance and baroque – in authentic manner, through historically informed interpretation of some of the most beautiful works of that music period.

length 4 days

final performance Saturday, 23rd July

for mixed age open

Predrag Gosta Photo By Pia Rabea 2

Predrag Gosta (USA, Serbia)

Conductor, harpsichorist and baritone, Predrag Gosta has been recognized as the best Baroque music specialists in our country. He is the artistic director of the ensemble “New Trinity Baroque” and the Belgrade Early Music Festival on period instruments; the founder of the Makris Symphony Orchestra and the New Belgrade Opera; as well as the chief conductor of the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre in Atlanta, USA.


Bob Chilcott: A Little Jazz Mass

Little but rich of exciting musical ideas: “Chilcott has successfully brought together two very diverse traditions – the Latin mass and the jazz idiom – in such an expressive and entirely unforced way” (John Bawden)

length 3 days, 20/21/22 July
final performance Friday, 22 July
for female SSA (change) age 15 – 40

Jeroen Beckers

Jeroen Beckers (BE)

is a violist and conductor especially dedicated to children and youth choirs.
He received several first prizes with his choirs and is often invited as a guest conductor and workshop leader. He is a vice-president of the Flemish Federation for Young Choirs and Boardmember of the European Choral Association.


Staging the Concert

Innovative methods of staging a classical choir concert and developing it as a form of choral theatre.

length 3 days

final performance Friday, 22nd July

for mixed age 15 – 30

Stephan Lutermann

Stephan Lutermann (DE)

Is a conductor and church organist, a highly sought-after soloist that has played numerous recitals throughout the world. His large discography and numerous recordings display music style competence and curiosity in exploring lost works and contemporary music. He conducts different ensembles and is especially dedicated to the younger generation of choral singers. In recent years he is intensely dealing with the subject of choir and movement, which led to the foundation of CHOREOS – the first ensemble of its kind worldwide.


Are You Ready for DaNSing?

Let’s explore together the power of Musical theatre, and its wide array of expressions, through singing, body movement and acting.
The stage is yours!

length 4 days, 20/21/22/23 July

final performance Saturday, 23 July

for mixed age up to 40

Dunja deuric
Mia inic scenski pokret

Dunja Deurić (RS)

is the conductor and artistic director of the Мixed choir „Sonja Marinković“ at the Academic Cultural Society of the University of Novi Sad, vocal and singing coach at the “Academy of Fun and Arts O&M“ and a teaching assistant at the Music Academy in Novi Sad at the department for Мusical pedagogy. The main focus of her interests is on choral creativity and vocal pedagogy. She has collaborated with various professional and amateur ensembles and improved her knowledge and skills at special seminars and workshops in country and abroad. She received numerous awards for her conducting and choral performances.


Mia Inić (RS)

is a dance teacher and choreographer, an expert in contemporary and creative dance and dance-performance improvisation. As a member of DANS ensemble she actively participates in creating and performing projects, developes educational and cultural programmes for children and youth and as a choreographer at the “Academy of fun and arts O&M” in Novi Sad, she participated in world famous and original musicals such as “Annie”, “Peter Pan”, “All that show”, “On glass feet”.


Move Your Voice

In this atelier you will experience how your body can support your singing. It will make it easier to sing and so much more fun. You will deepen the quality of music by starting from the movement point of view. Get ready to enjoy music with all your senses and get your body into action.

length 4 days

final performance Saturday, 23rd July

for mixed age 18-40

Panda van Proosdij - Photo by Solveig van Wijngaarden

Panda van Proosdij (NL)

European festivals as teacher/atelier leader: (Europa Cantat and other).
Panda has been working on her method / philosophy “Voice & Physique” for thirteen years now. This way of working is about supporting the voice by creating a good physical awareness and a way to let movement contribute to the quality of singing. She gives workshops and masterclasses all over the world and creates choireography for different choirs and their events.


Nordic Sounds

An exciting journey to the North of Europe. Experience diversity in musical colours of the Nordic countries, a rich tradition and heritage of folk tunes, as well as extraordinary contemporary compositions for choir.

length 4 days, 20/21/22/23 July

final performance Saturday, 23rd July

for mixed age open

Mikko Sidorof

Mikko Sidoroff (FI)

is a choral conductor and composer from Helsinki, Finland. Sidoroff has composed numerous pieces for different choirs and conducted many first performances. He currently resides in Mannheim and Coburg, Germany, where he works as opera chorus master. Sidoroff is also the artistic director of the Krysostomos Chamber Choir, which he founded in 2003. The choir specialises in contemporary Finnish orthodox church music, frequently commissioning and premiering new works. In 2016 and 2018, he worked as guest conductor with the EuroChoir. He has also recently taught choral conducting at the Bundesakademie in Germany.


Sound Mosaic

Chilcott, Hogan, Sviridov, Golovanov.
Jazz, gospel, sacred music.
Join in and experience a mosaic of sounds.

length 4 days

final performance Saturday, 23rd July

for mixed age open

Božidar Crnjanski

Božidar Crnjanski (RS)

is conductor of the Mixed students’ choir at the Music Academy in Novi Sad and an associate professor at the Department of conducting. He is the founder and artistic director of the Novi Sad Chamber Choir, with which he achieved considerable international success. He is also the leader of the renowned male vocal ensemble St Seraphim of Sarov. He is the first and only Serbian conductor to collaborate with Euro Choir (AGEC, Belgium), the ensemble composed of talented young singers from all over Europe. He is a member of both domestic and international choral juries.

C7 CHANGE in length!

Russian Orthodox Sacred Music

Magnificent and lavishing choral sound of a symphonized choral score, warm simplicity of a monastic chant in choral arrangement or an ancient chant in contemporary robe…chanting or choral singing of sacred compositions can take us to the most profound and elevating aspects of faith.

length 3 days, 20/21/22 July

final performance Fri, 22 July

for mixed age open

Irina Bogdanovich

Irina Bogdanovich (PL)

is a conductor, pianist, composer and artistic director of the Academic Choir of the University of Warsaw. In addition to working on a cappella music she carries out immense artistic projects collaborating with the most outstanding Polish instrumental ensembles. Appreciated at numerous national and international festivals and competitions, she has been invited to conduct workshops and participate in thematic conferences, both in Poland and abroad. What interests her most in the world of music is shaping the melody and expressive performance of great pieces, those that are sometimes sunk into oblivion.


O Fortuna!

Join in the performance of choruses from Carl Orff’s cantata Carmina Burana, if you are an experienced and well-prepared choral singer, but also if you do not have experience and do not know this music well. Let’s sing together about Fortuna, unstable and capricious, but also about pure joy of spring and youth!

length 4 days

final performance Saturday, 23rd July

for mixed age open

Bojan Suđić

Bojan Suđić (RS)

is the most distinguished Serbian conductor today, conductor of the Symphony Orchestra and Choir of Serbian Radio Television and professor of conducting at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. His professional career was built upon a complex and rich repertoire of symphonic, choral, opera and ballet music, conducting concerts that number more than five hundred performers, as well as concerts in front of large audiences, some exceeding ten thousand people, with the aim of presenting classical music to broader audiences.

D – NEW!

Children’s Choir

length: 3 days, 21-23 July
final performance: Saturday, 23 July afternoon

age: 8 – 15 years

Enrico Miaroma

Enrico Miaroma (IT)

Active as a pianist and a choral director, he has given about 900 concerts throughout Europe, in Ukraine and Taiwan. He won several awards in national and international competitions: as pianist, as a composer and as a choral director. His choral works di lui are performed by some of the best Italian and European choirs and are published by ECSchirmer and Galaxy Music (USA).

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