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Avoid using your email already used for your registration to register more persons, as the automated notifications system for assigned ateliers and important updates will not include them in the mailing list!
Enter Year first, don’t need to scroll, you can click on the number and type manually, then select Month and Day. Note: Your date of birth is required only for the Atelier allocation purposes.
IMPORTANT: When entering your ZIP/Postal Code, if it starts with ‘0’ (zero), please use the letter ‘o’ (lowercase ‘o’) instead of the number ‘0’ to ensure that you receive confirmation with all the calculated information correctly!

Your Country Group

For European countries plus Israel, the ECA applies a solidarity system that is based on the index of IMF and you can find it here: European Country Group List.

For all other countries, the ECA applies solidarity system that is based on the UN Human Development Index and you can find it here: Outside Europe Country Group List.


Country group

Participation Category

If you are Accompanying Person, please specify in Note section (e.g. parent, driver, spouse etc.).
If you are Accompanying Person select N/A (Not Applicable)
ECA Membership

If not sure, to find out if your association is a member of ECA, click here.


You must choose three DIFFERENT ateliers in the registration form. Our artistic commission will assign one of them to you.

We will do our best to meet your wish and assign to you the atelier of your first choice, but in some cases when not be possible we will assign to you one of your other choices.

Applications with the same atelier selected as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice will be invalid, requiring re-application.
Only, if opting for the children’s B1 or for A4 Atelier, you can select all three choices the same.

To attend two consecutive Ateliers (3+3 days), choose them as your first and second choices, and any other for the third. Specify in the Note section that you want to participate in 2 Ateliers.

If you are Accompanying Person, select Atelier group „A, B or C“ and then N/A in all atelier choices.

Atelier Group

Participation Stay

Longest atelier length
Select 3 + 3 days option if you are registering for 2 consecutive 3-day Ateliers! Please, don’t forget to put remark in the „Note to us“ field that you are registering for 3+3!


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Note: The cost breakdown, based on the price lists on Festival 2024 page, will be included in the email confirmation after form submission, even if not visible in your browser during filling up this form.

Price: 0,00 €
Price: 0,00 €
Your stay is equal to number of days of your longest atelier plus 1 night.
Price: 0,00 €
Package is equal to number of days of your longest atelier.
Price: 0,00 €
Participation + Accommodation + Meals
Price: 0,00 €
Deadline for registration and first instalment payment is 09 April 2024.
Discount applies only for payments completed before 31 Dec 2023
Discount applies only for payments completed before 31 Dec 2023

Please, specify here If you are registering for 3+3 ateliers in addition to other information that you might have to share with us.

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